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甜點套餐 (by Honta)

甜點套餐 (by Honta)

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Lost and alone, the small Chihiro is faced with a world full of spirits, monsters and gods. Luckily for him, Haku will help her. He teaches Chihiro the best way to reach the witch Yubaba, the owner of the bathhouse, and suggests she ask to work in it. On the way, she meets Kamaji and Lin. Both, like Haku, helps her to get used to this world.

The Witch reveals that all humans who come into their domains are transformed into animals before being devoured. Those without the sad fate must prove their worth at work, or are sentenced to death. Without an alternative, the girl makes a deal with Yubaba to work in the bathhouse, denying their humanity and changing the name, which happens to be Sen. As she works, Chihiro will have to find a way to find their memories, and save your parents leave town, or else be enslaved witch forever.

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Love the alice and wonderland one most! :D All so cute

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